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2013-10-06 The Virtual Bazaar Manifesto


Hello and welcome to the VBZ Wiki! This area is intended as an open forum for members of the community (customers, suppliers, artists, fans, family, friends, and critics). Many businesses seem to be almost afraid of their customers, hiding their contact information behind layers of "please read this FAQ first" and "please select the nature of your inquiry"; here, you can take the steering wheel. (More about this here.)


  • Policy Index
    • Anti-Spam: how we work to reduce spam
    • Payment: forms of payment we accept, and how we handle them
    • Shipping: when to expect your package, and how it will be shipped
    • Privacy: what we don't do with customer and visitor information
    • Security: how we keep customer information safe
    • Returns: our no-hassle return policy, and how to use it

Artist Information

Supplier Information

  • New Suppliers: upcoming items to be added to the store
  • Discontinued Suppliers: suppliers we're not carrying, for the moment
  • Things we're not carrying: incense? (over the internet??) sports team t-shirts? Give me your 2 cents worth on whether we should add any of these items.
  • Curios: sites which might be worth further exploration, but we don't yet know much about them


  • Customer Comments: Share your experiences and help me improve the store!
  • The Competition: I don't believe in competition; just improvement...
  • Technology: the nuts and bolts behind, for you technoferrets out there...
  • Manufacturer Images: our position on availability of merchandise images for use by retailers
  • General random discussion can go here: Discussion page
  • Miscellaneous: loose bits of information which will eventually be put somewhere more useful
  • Warrant Canary: check here for confirmation that we have not yet been required to give out private customer information under the USA PATRIOT Act

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