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These are wholesale suppliers I've found but whose items aren't yet available in the store. Please feel free to check out the various web sites of these suppliers and tell me which items you like or don't like.

Data Entry in Progress

  • HappyLife Productions: gorgeous fantasy and some Grateful Dead
  • Signatures Network -- got a Beatles shirt and a couple of Yes shirts from them, took pictures, haven't had time to process. In general, anything I want to carry from SN will have to be ordered and photographed, as the images available from them do not meet vbz's standards.

Contact in Progress

Got Catalog

  • 2005-06-07: SkulBonz: large initial order, but the designs look nice if you're into evil skulls. If there's interest, I may order a bunch; which designs look good?
  • Silkmasters
  • Global Merchandise: no catalog per se; I haven't yet found anything they have that I really really want to carry, but they do have a lot of stuff...

Not Contacted Yet