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Alexander Flores is a Mexican cubist scupltor. carried his work for several years, and successfully processed a handful of customer orders for his pieces. Lately, however, I have found it very difficult to find sources for his work.

The supplier situation


This is a dry lead, but maybe it will turn up another connection: "Galeria del Sol" was apparently selling Flores pieces as of early 2008. As of 2011-01-18, their Flickr stream (profile) lists and as web sites, but neither of those domains are registered anymore. Googling "Galeria del Sol" brings up a number of establishments, none of which seem to carry Alexander Flores works (though I have not done an exhaustive check of each one).

The fact that this page -- the one you are reading now -- comes up as the #1 search result for "Alexander Flores" in Google makes me think that Flores is no longer selling commercially. --Woozle 13:59, 18 January 2011 (EST)

I have two pieces of his sculpture work. I would love to sell them. Anyone interested please email me at 6-28-2011


(as of 2008-05-07) Several leads but no successful contacts yet. With the revamping of the online store and other things absorbing a lot of my time and energy, I'm not currently able to work on this. If I ever do manage to get in touch with someone who distributes Flores's work, however, I am definitely interested in carrying it online.


The supplier I was in touch with earlier -- "The Art of Alexander Flores" -- dropped their web site, and stopped responding to email queries. Due to my phone-phobia I was only able to make one or two attempts to contact them by phone; one of those attempts resulted in talking to someone who appeared to know only Spanish, which I don't speak.

In 2003 or so there was another web site set up as a wholesale source for Flores's work, but it appears to be defunct as well.

I was also contacted by a former gallery owner who had some pieces, but we seem to have fallen out of touch with each other. (Ms. Bambrick, if you're still out there -- contact me!)

On 2006-10-18, I was contacted by an art distributor in Washington state, Vida Placer (web domain has been taken over by a domain squatter), who says they represent Alexander Flores in the US. I emailed them back to see if they can be a supply channel for Flores pieces so I can offer them again, and sent a follow-up email when I didn't hear back from them, but I never got any confirming reply. (If you are in touch with anyone at Vida Placer, please let them know that Nick at would like to be in touch!)

If anyone has any contact information for Mr. Flores or anyone authorized to sell his pieces, wholesale or retail, please contact me or post the information here and I will follow up.

In the meantime, Alexander Flores's art remains unavailable to us. :-(

Contact Information

This contact information from 1999 (found here) may be out of date:

Alexander Flores, Owner
Tel. (52-3) 683-38-00
Fax. 681-09-36 Tonala, Jalisco.

"Offers decorative sculpture handmade out of paper mache & ceramic. Also offers silver jewelry. Works of art come with serial number & certificate of authenticity. Seeks N. American clients."


Flores's work seems to be gaining in popularity, as evidenced by increasing prices. Does anyone know if Flores himself is doing well as a result of this? Or is someone else making most of the profit? If he is the owner of "El Arte de Alexander Flores", then it looks good -- but confirmation would be nice to have.

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More biographical stuff, from an ebay auction (can anyone verify the accuracy of this?): "Alexander Flores Was born on February 11, 1962, in Martinez de la Torre, Vera Cruz, Mexico. At the age of six he and his family moved to Autlan, Jalisco. He was part of the folkloric dance troupe at the University of Guadalajara. Upon his graduation, in 1986 with a degree in Economics, he was invited by his friend Luis Gallardo to collaborate in one of the most prestigious art studios at the time. It was during this time where he met Maria Guadalupe Senteno, they later married in january of 1989. In January 1991 they decided to open their own art studio, with just eight models made a few years earlier by Maria Guadalupe in Paper Mache. Since their first exposition, his work has gained acceptance on a national and international level. In 1996 Alexander began a change in his new pieces in ceramic, what would later be named the "TONALCUBI COLLECTION". Alexander's work takes on its own identity and includes new media like: ceramic, Bronze, Jewelry pieces and oil. At the present his work can be found in exclusive galleries and exhibitions in Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, Tlaquepaque, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, New York and several other national and international cities. For the new millennium Alexander plans the grand opening of his showcase gallery in his home town Tonalá, birthplace of his creative expression."

There is more detail on this expired eBay auction.