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How to Return Items

Please contact us to obtain authorization. A quick description of why you are returning the item would be helpful and might save you some time; also check the requirements below.

Returns We Accept

We have a no-hassle return/refund policy. You may cancel your order at any time, for any reason, and receive a full refund1 for the price of any returned merchandise (if the return is due to a mistake on our part or defective merchandise, we also cover the postage in both directions).

Guidelines for returns:

  • No-Hassle Return: if for some reason the item you ordered does not meet your expectations in any way but it was not damaged in shipment, is not defective, and is still in "new" condition, you may return it for a full refund of the item's purchase price, shipping not included.
  • Damaged in Shipment: please contact us as soon as you notice the damage and we will work out a solution. Generally, we will accept the item for return under the "No-Hassle Return" policy above.
  • Defective Item: same as "Damaged in Shipment".
  • Wrong Item: if we sent you the wrong size or color, or what we sent you is in any way not what you thought you ordered, please contact us before returning it; we may be able to work something out. We will honor your final decision about whether to return part or all of your order, however.

1Refunds apply only where money has actually been received for an order; since we do not debit your charge card until we have items ready to ship, a refund is usually not necessary for orders canceled prior to shipment. If you have paid by check, we will mail you a check for the refund amount.