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What Information do we collect?

I. What information does collect from visitors and customers?

  • Visitors: The only information we collect from you as a visitor is the information sent automatically by your web browser: your IP address & domain (if any), browser ID string, HTTP version, time & date, and what pages/files you viewed.
  • Customers: We record
    • customer's name
    • postal address for shipping
    • phone number (if entered)
    • email address (if entered)
      Customers must enter either a phone number or an email address, or both, to complete an order.
  • For customers paying by credit card, we also record:
    • type of credit card
    • credit card number and expiration date
    • credit card billing address

How is it used?

II. For what purposes does use this information?

  • Visitor Information
    • We use visitor information in aggregate to generate statistics regarding usage of the web site.
  • Customer Information
    • The shipping address is used for the obvious purpose, i.e. addressing the customer's package.
    • Phone and/or email are used only for contacting the customer in case of a problem.
    • The credit card number is used only to process payment for the particular order in question, except by special request from the customer.
    • The credit card billing address is used only to verify the authenticity of the payment (see VI, below).
    • Spam prevention: Aside from matters directly related to a particular order, we will not send any correspondence to the shipping address, the billing address, or the email address given. We will not attempt to call the phone number given except regarding a particular order. (See also: Anti-Spam Policy)
    • Note, however, that this spam policy may be subject to a single exception: when we have an online opt-in mailing list system set up, we may decide to send out a single solicitation per customer inviting them to sign up for additional mailings/emailings. This will be a one-time event per customer.

Is it given to anyone else?

III. Does share this information with third parties?

  • No. (See our Anti-Spam Policy for details.) We do not share any customer information with anyone else. Some visitor information (IP address, hostname, browser type) could theoretically be found by third parties on our stats page, but we do not give out the address of that page.

What choices do customers have?

IV. What choices do customers have regarding how their information is used?

  • On request from a customer, we will delete their information from our permanent database.

What access do customers have?

V. What access do customers have to the information maintains about them?

  • At the present time, customers have no direct access to their information, i.e. human intervention is required.
  • In the future, we may set up an account system so repeat customers may place orders without re-entering their information for each order, but that system is still in the early planning stage at this time.
  • Customers may contact us via email or phone to make corrections to their information or verify that it is accurate.

How is information protected?

VI. What steps does take to ensure that customer information is protected from unauthorized use or alteration?


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More information about web site privacy policies: Protecting Your Privacy Online (

As always, if you have any questions about any of our policies, please feel free to ask.