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If vbz is competing with these folks, then we're all trying to be better. If they're better than we are, then I need to know how and why. If we're better than they are, then we're probably doing our job. More likely, though, we each have relative strengths and weaknesses, and we can all learn from each other how to do business better.

The List

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Other online stores carrying similar products

  • Dharma Rose
  • havetoHaveItCo: prices look very good, and shipping is reasonable (though more than we charge)
  • Jiggy
  • Northern Sun: carries Earth Creations t-shirts. I'd also love to know where they get some of the celtic designs (e.g. "Dragon", "Green Man", "Tree of Life"), because those would go well in Perhaps they make them? They do sell wholesale, apparently.
  • Old Glory
  • t-shirts

Comparison Shopping sites

Suppliers who also have a retail section

  • Star 500: I could have sworn I filled out the Wholesaler form for these guys... they have lots of stuff I'd like to carry.
  • Liquid Blue: they carry their own products plus some items from Zion Rootswear and a few other suppliers not known to me
  • Zion Rootswear: the retail section has a lot of products not available wholesale (especially CDs)

Suppliers who list some of their retailers

  • Sundog Productions: see "Sundog retailers"

Online retailers carrying related products

Do-It-Yourself Tie-Dye Supplies

Stores Owned/Operated by Friends-of-Friends