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To add a comment, please start a new thread on the discussion page. I'll try to excerpt the best ones here.

Satisfied Customers

"I truly appreciate your customer service, which is excellent. I too run my own business and treat my customers exactly the way I like to be treated. I received three out of four shirts 10 days earlier than expected and feel confident the fourth will come in when I need it." – Clint "The Snake Man" Pustejovsky, Texas Snakes & More, 2005-10-25 (posted with permission)

Constructive Criticism

Unhappy Customers


Q: Would you be willing to tell me which language each of the words for PEACE is in?

A: I think you must be talking about the Earth Creations "Peace Languages" shirt (EC-319). I don't recognize most of the languages; I would have to contact Earth Creations to see if they have any more information. Is there a particular bit on the shirt which interests you?